Just Jumping Right In

I Will Pluck Leaves

Starting at the beginning is hard.  Choosing the perfect first word.  Spooling out one’s thoughts in just the right order.   Finding the proper tone.  It’s too much stress.  So I think I’m going to just jump right in, and if this blog takes off, maybe I’ll come back one day and write a proper introduction.

I intend for this blog to be a travel diary, of sorts, of the creative journey I’m on.  I’m in the process of starting an arts & crafts business, Wayward Arts, and it’s coming along slowly but surely.  I have business cards now, which makes me feel somewhat official.  And I just bought a vendor tent, so I can finally do outdoor events.  It’s a brave new “world of craft” out there, and I want to be part of it!  I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my adventures as an artist, a budding entrepreneur and an explorer of some of the cooler things in life.


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